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MAKE A WAY is a high relevancy Social Emotional, College and Career Readiness Educational program that empowers at-risk youth and traditionally underserved populations. The MAW program includes: consulting services, staff trainings, youth presentations, parent/community workshops and highly RELEVANT curriculum materials that provide educational strategies to build stronger RELATIONSHIPS and bring RESULTS!

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Tierica Berry is the founder of Affirmative Expression, a literary arts organization that focuses on self-expression through speaking, creative writing, publishing, and performing arts. Tierica has been nationally recognized as an emotional development trainer, a spoken word artist, and a youth expression leader. With heavy emphasis on entrepreneurship and young women's empowerment Tierica has managed to motivate and redirect some of the most troubled youth with her engaging and relevant programs. From public school districts to youth detention centers Tierica has received national recognition for her creative writing program, The Anthology Project, and her latest initiative Unpacking the Emotional Suitcase, an emotional development program. As a published author of multiple empowerment books Tierica is determined to leave a lasting legacy as she continues to help young ladies express themselves affirmatively!

Mission Statement
is to provide strategies and emotional support for young woman around the world.

Our vision is to raise awareness about the great deficiencies in our young women. By raising awareness individuals will be challenged to do something about the problem and create more welcoming environments and safe havens around the world for girls to gain knowledge, skills, and resources to transition into complete  and self sufficient women.

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Our comprehensive programs utilize experiential learning for greater impact in the targeted areas. It is not enough for a child to read a book or listen to a presentation, 

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Hustle University is a self-help organization that focuses on the areas of : Entrepreneurship, Education and Personal Development. HU helps people “make a way” through life by applying a Hustler’s Mindsetto everything they do.
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You can tell the state of society by the state of it's women

Make A Way

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It takes a team of dedicated team of individuals and organizations to make sure we are reaching as many young women as we can. Meet some of our partners below. 
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