A Woman Standard is a women's empowerment program that consist of a series of 
visits with groups of young ladies to provide them with the skills they need to successfully 
transition into womanhood. By exposing students to realistic and relevant challenges we are able to communicate the importance of developing life skills at a young age.

The duration and frequency of the program will vary depending on the needs of the organization. This program will provide young ladies with the opportunity to:

  • Participate in healthy debate/discussion
  • Assess personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Participate in problem solving activities
  • Practice goal setting
  • Learn a proven formula for success
  • Learn to process emotionally traumatic experiences 
  • Identify emotional and behavioral triggers

A Woman's Standard

A Woman's Standard


  • Reduce referrals 
  • Improve emotional health and social interactions
  • Reduce violence and bullying
  • Improve communiciation skills