A Woman's Standard(AWS) is a holistic approach to female development. AWS raises the bar in multiple areas such as self-awareness, self-esteem, behavior, etiquette, and so much more. 
We empower females to take ownership of their own development. When a girl recognizes that the choices they make everyday is what shapes their reality, it helps reduce blame and excuse making. We help young ladies see the power they hold and fall in love with themselves like never before.

We carry out our mission by delivering highly effective programs, curriculum, and presentations. In partnership with various organizations, schools, and youth programs we are fully committed to spreading this message and helping young ladies strive for A WOMAN'S STANDARD...

How we do it

Transforming a generation of women, one girl at a time...

What is 

A Woman's Standard?

What we do
Affirmative Expression's new initiative designed to provide young ladies with the skills and tools they need as they transition into womanhood.